Owned Your System !



"You Two,Israel And Usa; Didnt You Think That We Wouldnt Ask You About All Off These Oppressions You Did. Today Our Way Is That, Tomorrow We ll Be Knocking Your Door Because Of These Oppressions.Be Sure About This. Sins Can Be Forgiven But Oppressions Never. Filistin,Iraq Please Try To Stand These Oppressions. We Came To Broke Hands Which Hurt You. Now We Are Here Against These Enemies. We Will be Your Curse on Cyber World ! !

****************************************************************** LiNuX4AleX (GeeTz) ******************************************************************
 Dr.hacker - Dr.ExE - Dr.Draman -linuXhak-black Devil
            BroKeN-PrOxy- hakrawy -MaX -Dr.jr7 - php Emperor - DrpUnK


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