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NBA In the Zone (U) - 1964 - How many blooming NBA licenses were there? (Answers on a postcard please) (36%)


Neon Genesis Evangelion (U) -Nemu - Menu's screwed but in game seems playable (56%)


NFL Blitz (U) - 1964 - Doesn't matter which one of the series you choose they are all great (85%)


NFL Blitz 2000 (U) - PJ64 - This is the version I used to own, just loved it (87%)


NFL Blitz 2001 (U) - PJ64 - One of the best Friday night after the pub with your mates games there is, fantastic game play and gratuitous violence thrown in for good measure (90%)


NFL Blitz - Special Edition (U) - PJ64 - Brown pitch again, seemed pretty similar to the rest of the series to me, but if it thinks it is special, who are we to argue.


NFL Quarterback Club 98 (U) - 1964 - graphics errors but it does run, if you want to play this series on an emulator use QC 2000 or 2001 (80%)


NFL Quarterback Club 2000 (U) - PJ64 - Never as popular as the Madden series, okay for an occasional change. (90%)


NFL Quarterback Club 2001 (U) - PJ64 - Need to use 8Mb RDRAM (46%)


NHL '99 (U) - PJ64 - Just the best Hockey game there is, even if you don't like hockey you should get this, great commentary as well (88%) - should be 99%


NHL Blades of Steel (U) - 1964 - Probably embarrassed to be on the same page as the wonderful NHL '99, don't bother with this one. (70%)


NHL Breakaway 98 (U) - 1964 - Menu is black, keep pressing the A button and the menu will appear. Is it Breakaway '98 or '88, poor graphics (88%)  - high


NHL Breakaway 99 (U) - PJ64 - No it's still not NHL '99 is it. (69%)


Nightmare Creatures (U) - PJ64 1.3 - Fun wander around the dungeon and slash everything to bits game. (67%)


Nuclear Strike 64 (U) PJ64 - N64 version of the popular Sega series, game play still works well, fly around shooting enemies and completing missions, good game (83%)



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