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Earthworm Jim 3 (E) - PJ64 - You could have been someone, could have been a contender, but no the stupid programmers gave you a camera angle that  5 minutes after playing the game made you want to throw the game out of the window (63%)


ECW Hardcore Revolution (U) - PJ64 - Elbow to the privates, come on ref! (42%)


Elmo's Letter Adventure (U) - 1964 - If the kids have to play then at least they can learn something


Elmo's Number Adventure (U) - 1964 - I suspect after the letter adventure not too much extra development work was needed for this offering


ExciteBike 64 (U) - PJ64 - Good fun racer which was always near the top of the charts, some gfx errors in the menus and with the arrows in the game but playable never the less. (88%)


Extreme G (U) - PJ64 - 'Another' futuristic racer, minor menu gfx errors but game plays well (82%)


Extreme-G XG2 (U) - PJ64 - To make this game work you need to enter your player name as 'Linear' (as in pic 2) To get to the name entry screen, from the bike selection screen (shown below)  press the trigger right button. This makes the game playable but as this is a 'cheat' I do not think XG2 allows you to play the game all the way through - tip courtesy of edgeblade  (70%)



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