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War Gods (U) - 1964 - I'll take the one in the black leather cat suit to be my god thank you!. (59%)


Waialae Country Golf (E) - PJ64 - Probably the best 'serious' golf game for the N64, not much competition for that award though. (66%)


WaveRace 64 (E) - 1964 - Excellent water based racing game (90%)


Wayne Gretzkys 3d Hockey (U) - Nemu - Reasonable Hockey Game (81%)


WCW Backstage Assault (U) - Apollo - Menu's (what is it with menu's and wrestling games) are screwed but in game is fine, use Jabo 1.3 or 1.4 gfx plugin - Thanks to Jim for config info. (50%)


WCW Nitro (U) - Nemu - Menu's are screwed but the game works fine, keep pressing 'start' and 'A' and all will be revealed (24%)


Wetrix (U)- Daedalus - Proving again why it should be in eveyone's collection Daedalus is the only emu that can run this game. Great work chaps! (88%)


Wheel of Fortune (U) - 1964 - Another 'game of the show' - nicely put together though (45%)


Winback (U) - 1964 - Brilliant shooting game, has a rather annoying grey box which floats across the screen at odd times during the game. (61%)



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