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Command & Conqueror (U) -1964 - The famous PC game converted to the N64, some gfx errors (76%)


Conkers Bad Fur Day (U) - PJ64, an 'adult' adventure game with swearing, puking and other high moral antics, genuinely funny  (I know lots of computer  games claim to be funny but this one actually is) one of the top games for the platform! (93%)


Cruis'n Usa (u) - 1964.071,jabo direct 3d6.1.20b(the one you get with project 64 1.2),any newer versions ends up crashing  azimer audio v0.30.  Some of the in-game menus are very small but apart from the rather psychedelic background effect you can achieve it works fine (thanks to Jim) (61%)


Cruis'n World (U) - 1964 - Hey one of the 'crusin' series works, right lets race in good old blighty, hmm road through Stonehenge & aliens, very realistic! ;-) That gray blob above the car is the track, very distracting. (59%)


Custom Robo (J) - 1964 - This looks so cool but I can't get to the robot fighting, I just end up talking to lots of people in the same room. :-( (81%)


Custom Robo V2 (J) - 1964 - Different room, different people, still stuck. Included is one of robot screenshots that look so smart. (90%)


Cyber Tiger (U) - PJ64 - the man who can do no wrong gives his name to a very wrong golf game, very poor, even for the young audience it was aimed at. (38%)




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