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Space Invaders (U) - PJ64 - And another updated classic! The game play works but I still miss the old Atari 2600 version. (33%)


St. Andrews Old Course (J) - PJ64 -Another golf game, screen blacks out apart from the golfer when you take a shot but is still perfectly playable. (25%)


Spiderman (U) - 1964 - Finally someone made a decent game from a super hero license. (78%)


Super Smash Brothers (U) PJ64 - Another N64 classic, take all your favourite Nintendo characters and beat the hell out of each other, brilliant multi-player action (87%)


Star Soldier Vanishing Earth (U) fine vertical shump! (65%)


Starfox (U) - 1964 - Lost so many hours playing this one, still fun today. (83%)


Starshot - Space Circus Fever (U) - PJ64 - Strange 3D platformer with a circus theme (42%)


Super Mario 64 (U) - PJ64 - Mario at his brilliant best! (94%)


Super B-Daman - Battle Phoenix 64 (J) - PJ64 - Series of games based around shooting balls


Supercross 2000 (U) - Nemu - Lots of in game graphics problems but it is playable (62%)


Superman (U) PJ64 - Absolutely terrible game, appalling (hate to sit on the fence about these things) (14%)


Star Wars Episode 1 Racer (U) - PJ64 - Recreate the famous scene from the movie, not the best racer ever, but it is Star Wars. Gfx errors in menus (82%)


Star Wars Shadows of the Empire (U) - PJ64 - Fly around pretending to be Luke Skywalker, shooting up the Empires evil machines! ;-) (71%)






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