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Jeopardy! (U) - 1964 - The game of the TV show, mildly diverting. (60%)


Jet Force Gemini - Kiosk (U) - 1964 - One of the most constantly requested games to be emulated now works (note the Kiosk version). It plays really nicely as well, back to killing ants for me (88%)


Jeremy McGrath Supercross 2000 (U) - PJ64 1.3 - Great motorbike racing game, love playing this one. Use PJ64 1.3 (1.4 gfx plugin), 1.4 tends to hang after the first jump for me. (70%)


J. League Dynamite Soccer (J) - 1964 - Big jessies, they have all got their tracksuit bottoms on (55%)


J. League Eleven Beat 1997 (J) - 1964 More Japanese based football action. (75%)


J. League Live 64 (J) - TR64 - Use PJ64 1.4 plugin, only emulator I have found which does not have insane camera shake, slow though.


J. League Tactics Soccer (J) -  PJ64 - Good looking football game with minor gfx errors


Jangou Simulation Mahjong Do 64 (J) - 1964 -  Mahjong game (what else can I say)


Jikkyou G1 Stable (J) - PJ64 - Well I think this works, you can certainly spend a lot of time picking your horse etc


Jikkyou Pawapuro Puroyakyu 2000 (J) - PJ64 - Long running cutesy Japanese baseball series


Jikkyou Pawapuro Puroyakyu 2001 (J) -  1964 - And the next installment


Jinsei Game 64 (J) - Pj64 - Fun little board game where you move around in your car




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