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Gauntlet Legends (U) - 1964/PJ64 (which ever is faster on your machine) Courtesy of Ogy - start the game using jabo's 1.4 plugin, get to the point where you walk into the circle of light and begin to disappear, then quickly save the game.  Then stop the game and switch the graphic plugin to Zilmar's CFB plugin. Then load the game (you won't see any graphics) and do a QuickLoad. hear the sound to confirm you entered the level then do another  QuickSave. Stop the emulator again, switch back to jabo's, load the game, load the state you just did and have fun. For those who are truly lazy, here are some save states I prepared earlier 1964 - PJ64

Update  6/3/02- If you are using PJ64, edit the RDB file add these lines to the rdb (in the proper part): Resolution Width=418 Resolution Height=220 

If you are using 1964 copy the PJ64 RBD file into the root directory and set the resolution to be 288X220 instead of 418X220

If you are not clear on these instruction just wait for a new RDB file to come out it will probably be in there.


Getter Love!! Cho Renai Party Game (J) - Nemu - Love the title on the main screen, Panda Love Unit, I assume this is engrish but who knows!


Gex 3 Deep Cover Gecko (U) - Pj64 -  One of the most successful 3rd Party licenses on the N64, a really good game with a James Bond type theme. (53%)


Gex 64 Enter the Gecko (U) - PJ64 - The one that started it all (47%)


Glover (U) - PJ64 - 3d platformer where you are a glove and you can roll balls around, yep, as dumb as it sounds. Minor gfx errors and looking at that sky some sort of smog issue! (51%)


Goemons Great Adventure - (U) PJ64 - Walking along jumping and shooting as usual (80%)


Goemon Mononoke Sugoroku (J) - 1964 - Another Japanese board game


Goldeneye (U) - PJ64 - One of the top 10 games on the N64, great game (98%)


Golden Nugget (U) - PJ64 - Only works in interpreter mode which makes it slow, so it may be worthwhile to use an older 1964 0.72 version on slower machines. Casino type game (66%)



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