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F1 Pole Position (U) - 1964 - One of the first great games for the N64, used to play this for hours. Minor gfx errors (42%)


F1 Racing Championship (E) - 1964 0.71 - I have to use D36 and transforms to internal to make this run, it also works ok with PJ64 1.4 but seems a lot slower to me. Cute thing about this game is the tyres turn colour, if you run on the grass they go green, dirt makes them go brown!


F1 World Grand Prix (U) - 1964 - Slight texture problems (track is black for example) but playable


F1 World Grand Prix II (E) - PJ64 - Another fine grand prix racing game, misty eyed memories (79%)


Famista 64 (J) - 1964 - really thought whether this should sit here or under not yet supported, technically it runs but the graphics are horrible (though ok when you hit the ball) - you decide (40%)


Fifa 99 (E) - PJ64 - Looks perfect until you notice the ball is always about 2 foot away from your feet (even when you are in control of it) makes playing the game very difficult although  reminds me of when I used to play. (82%)


FIFA - Road to World Cup 98 (U) - PJ64 - Works fine if a bit slow (85%)


FIFA Soccer 64 (U) - 1964 0.71 , PJ 1.4 graphic plug-in, so that is England v Germany is it, wonder if we can win 5-1 again!!!! (66%)


Fighters Destiny (U) - PJ64 - Above average fighter (78%)


Fighter's Destiny 2 (U) - PJ64 - Take that clown boy! (58%)


Fighting Force (U) - PJ1.3, Jabo gfx plugin 1.3, azimers audio v30. I can't test this as my machine will not support Jabo 1.3. Thanks to Jim for config and pictures! Update - or use 1964 0.73, PJ 1.4 graphic plugin & basic audio. Set transforms to internal (40%)


Fire Electric Pen (J) - PJ64 - I assumed I had downloaded a PD game at first but no, I think it was actually released, reminds of the games at the fair where you had to steer a metal hoop round a metallic frame without touching the sides. Minor graphics errors, not enough really.


Forsaken 64 (U) - PJ64 - Really underrated 3d maze, space shoot-em up, good fun (85%)


Fox Sports College Hoops '99 (U)  - PJ64 - There are many better basketball games out there. (43%)


Fushigi no Dungeon - Furai no Shiren 2 (J) - Nemu This is a dungeon crawl and and amazing one at that. With the right programmers the N64 could produce incredible graphics (90%)


F-Zero X -  1964 - Appears on every platform Nintendo ever releases, and they still do a good job of capturing the no-frills racing pedigree, small gfx errors in menu but the game rocks. (75%)



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