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California Speed (U) - 1964 - The only thing that sets this game apart is that you can race in a golf cart, pants! (42%)


Carmageddon 64 (U) - 1964 - This game reminded me of the old child's tale 'the emperors new suit' the media was all up in arms about the violence of running over people, everyone spoke about the game, it sold bucket loads, then a small voice pointed out it was absolutely crap and everyone was embarrassed they had even looked at it and moved on quickly. ;-) (21%)


Castlevania (U) - 1964 - No Mr skeleton you can't come to my party, you don't have any body to go with. (ha ha) Minor menu gfx errors but nice graphics. (82%)


Castlevania Legacy of Darkness (E) 1964 - This is basically similar to the other N64 Castlevania game, with the expansion pack though you get better gfx and a choice of characters. (73%)


Centre Court Tennis (E) - PJ64 - Another average Tennis game :-(


Chameleon Twist (U) - 1964 another 3d adventure game (51%)


Charlie Blast Territory (U) - PJ64 - Puzzle game and not a very good one at that (48%)


Chopper Attack (E) - 1964 - Helicopter shooting game (64%)


Clay Fighter 63 1/3 (U) -1964 - I seem to remember that you couldn't buy this in the shops, only rent it at Blockbuster, as good as most things that go straight to rental. (31%)


Clay Fighter - Sculptor's Cut (U) - 1964 - This should have gone straight to rental as well, while we are here though, lets give earthworm jim a pasting for his poor game as well. (30%)



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