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Topgear Hyperbike (u),- Apollo v0.03,jabo 1.4 video plugin,no sound plug-in at all, Yep Apollo that's right, gfx errors on track (black squares) but playable, thanks again to Jim for the config info


Topgear Overdrive (u),- Apollo v0.03,jabo 1.4 video plugin,no sound plug-in at all, (65%)


Triple Play 2000 (U) - PJ64 - Another baseball license, there are better versions about. Slight gfx errors on stadium, also freezes if you press the start button during the game (48%)


Turok Dinosaur Hunter (U) PJ64 - One of the most popular series on the N64 which just got better and better (80%)


Turok 2 - Seeds of Evil (U) - PJ64 - My personal favourite in the the series, great graphics and action (90%)


Turok 3 Shadow of Oblivion (U) - PJ64 - Another great Turok game, some gfx errors in menu (92%)


Turok Rage Wars (U) - 1964 - For some reason I missed the fact that you need to highlight OK to start the game, Doh! (58%)


Twisted Edge (U) - 1964 - Hugely Hyped snowboarder which didn't raise itself above the crowd (70%)


The World is not Enough (U) - PJ64 - The follow up to Goldeneye, not quite as good but still a great game, some gfx errors in game but doesn't effect the game play (74%)





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