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Hanafuda 64 - Tenshi no Yakusoku (J) - PJ64 - Japanese tile game


Harukanaru Augusta Masters 98 (J) - PJ64 Almost exactly the same game as Waialae Country Golf (E), some graphic glitches but playable.


Harvest Moon 64 (U) - PJ64 - Strategy game where you have to grow crops, much better than it sounds! (73%)


Hercules The Legendary Journeys (U) 1964 - Game of the TV show, the film, book etc. Not a classic but not the worst game ever either! (63%)


Hexen (U) - 1964 - Never was very impressed with Hexen on the PC about the only thing I remember about it was that you could smash windows to find things which was kind of fun. First attempt at FPS & RPG, best avoided. (50%)


Hot Wheels Turbo Racing (U) 1964 - Menu is messed up but the game actually plays perfectly (79%)


Hybrid Heaven (U) -  1964 - Dam, shouldn't have had that curry last night, sorry about that. Okay explore and shoot game. (41%)


Hydo Thunder (U) - 1964 - You must use the basic audio plugin only to get this running, it rocks though, powerboats are cool anyway, but this game has brilliant graphics, a real sense of speed and some big jumps to boot, you need to have this on your list. (thanks to Kevin for the config info) (56%) - harsh



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