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1080 Snowboarding (E) - PJ64 (slight gfx issue with shadow, 1964 looks better but has no sound)


AeroFighter Assault (U) - PJ64 - terrible at this kind of game so difficult to make a comment


Aidyn Chronicles - The First Mage (U) - 1964 - Bit difficult to give a review to an RPG game after 2 minutes,  errr  nice gfx, he runs very slow though, meant to be a pretty mediocre game - (weak I know)


Airboarder 64 (E) - PJ64 fun for a blast Tony Hawks is so much better though


Alice no Wakuwaku Trump World (J) - PJ64 - Strange card game


Aerogauge (E) - PJ64 (love this game!!!) How the reviewer only gave this 4.5/10 I'll never know


All-Star Baseball 99 (U) - 1964 - Excellent baseball game and the only one of the series that is emulated well


All-Star Baseball 2000 (U) - PJ64 - Run with Interpreter, makes it slow but playable, I know there is a 'good' 1964 config for this game but I just can't seem to recreate it. At least when it is slow it makes the ball easier to hit! (89%)


All-Star Baseball 2001 (U) - 1964 0.71 - This only works for me with the basic audio plugin but some people claim that it also works Azimers 0.3. Pleased this one now runs as this is the best baseball game on the N64 (92%)


All Star Tennis '99 (U) - PJ64 - average game, fun for 5 minutes



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