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Ken Griffey Jr Slugfest (U) - 1964 - either I've been drinking or those menus are screwed up, hmm, game runs fine though (78%)


Killer Instinct Gold (U) 1964 - minor gfx errors and can be s..l...o..w... (74%)


Kiratto Kaiketsu! 64 Tanteidan (J) - PJ64 - and another Japanese board game, colourful though


Kirby 64 (U) - 1964 - The trick here is when you get the intro with Kirby wandering along press 'Start' then the 'left' button then 'A', then the game starts! (69%)


Knife Edge Nose Gunner (U) - PJ64 in one player mode the computer steers and you shoot at things, two player is better. Single player is dull after a couple of plays.  (49%)


Knockout Kings 2000 (U) Daedulus- Proving that there is life outside PJ64/1964/Nemu (45%)


Kobe Bryant's NBA Courtside (U) - Nemu -Nemu with it's own graphic drivers delivers again. If and when Nemu 0.8 is released it may well again claim the top spot. (59%)





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