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Mario Party 3 (U) - PJ64 - Keep milking the idea........ (75%)


Mario Tennis (U) - PJ64 - Brilliant fun game play, another great Nintendo game! Minor gfx errors but does not spoil the game (82%)


Mega Man 64 (U) - Another emulator holy grail, good game this one, the walls are black but they come in to view when you get close to them and with the HUD working there are no real problems. The woman who coaches you has the most annoying voice in the world (nicely emulated though!) (53%) - harsh


Mickey's Speedway USA (U) - PJ64 - To get this game to run you must set Force Depth Enable and set Transforms to Internal otherwise the track is all messed up. (thanks to Kevin for the config info) (75%)


Micro Machines 64 Turbo (U) - Fun with friends, dull without, I liked the megadrive (Genesis) version best. (62%)


Mischief Makers (U) - PJ64 - Side scrolling jump and shoot game (67%)


Mike Piazza's Strike Zone (U) - PJ64 - Very average baseball game, stick with All Star 99 or Bottom of the 9th (70%) - high!


Milo's Astro Lanes (U) - PJ64 - A bowling game in space, good bowling outfit though love.. (55%)


Mission Impossible (U) 1964 - Fun mission based goldeneye type game (66%)


Monaco Grand Prix (E) - 1964 - Realistic Grand Prix game, which is why I spend most of my time spinning the car round in a circle! (73%)



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