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Rakuga Kids (E) - 1964 -Must be getting old, I just don't get this at all, and I've never heard of them either. (70%)


Rally Challenge 2000 (U) - 1964 - The car physics don't quite ring true but fun for a quick ride in the dirt (44%)


Rampage World Tour (U) 1964 - Classic arcade game, good multiplayer action  (80%)


Rampage 2 - Universal Tour (U) - 1964 - There goes the neighborhood! (42%)


Rat Attack (U) - 1964 - Draw squares and trap the mice within them, yes it is that lamentable, good if you are under 5 (IQ that is) (82%) - you have got to be kidding me!


Rayman 2 - The Great Escape (E) - PJ64 - Famous platform character in his N64 outing (93%)


Razor Freestyle Scooter (U) - 1964 - This is no Tony Hawks (40%)


Ready to Rumble Boxing (U) - 1964 - Fun Boxing game. Menu gfx errors but in game fine (75%)


Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Round 2 (U) - 1964 - More characters for you to unleash a beating on! (67%)


Re-Volt (U) - PJ64 - To make this game work go to the options sound menu and turn the sound sfx off otherwise the game hangs at the start of the race. - Thanks to Jim (51%)


Roadsters (U) - 1964 - Excuse me love, you seem to have forgotten to put a shirt on, in an open top car as well, she'll catch her death! (87%)




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